Cancer: One Of The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me

What you are about to read is all the advice I’ve been ignoring from the loved ones around me for the past 15 years. Wearing my engineering hat, I’ve added some additional information that I have recently learned. I did my best to make the connection between stress, diet, attitude, the cells in our body, yoga, meditation, and cancer. The article is based on my own battle with cancer, feedback from several oncologists, hematologists, and nutritionists from various countries and meeting other cancer patients ranging in age from 16 to 60. YES! 16 years old girl! Cancer these days has nothing to do with age. So, I hope you are not a moron like me and that at least some of you will listen to the tips here and change your diet.

As a serial entrepreneur who recently beat cancer and been following the story of some other entrepreneurs including Steve Jobs who unfortunately lost his life to cancer,  Amit Gupta who is currently battling Leukemia, and a few other close and young friends who also lost their life to various type of cancers including a very dear friend of mine just last week,   I found it necessary to blog about my case. I hope the story of my life saves the lives of others and that it is a wakeup call for all of you.

As you read this, don’t be a fool and think like I’ve been thinking for the past 15 years “ah! that can’t happen to me!” Or “You only live once, I just want to enjoy my life!” DEAD WRONG! That’s exactly how I fooled myself and I ended up paying the price very heavily. I literally experienced death again for a few minutes.  We are living in an era that everything we eat is either hormoned or pesticide. Even when you go to that cute little restaurant on a date with your loved one, you are about to put poison into your body.

Scared enough? You should be! Because, it is pretty scary shit and they are so real. You can’t ignore it. You are not possibly healthier than me nor Lance Armstrong. If we got cancer, many of you might too. It’s just a matter of time. Your diet, life style, and certainly stress  have a lot to do with it.

Now that I’ve got your attention, here is the good part. I learned there are many ways through alternative medicine and the right diet that can prevent and help you fight cancer.  Whether you have cancer or not, the most important part of preventing and battling cancer is to stay positive and stress free. Stress is the number one cause of cancer growth in our body. It’s all about what you have gone through during your course of life and how you managed to deal with each problem including school, work, relationships, etc. Believe it or not, you can easily kill the cancer cells with the power of your mind.

How I found out I had it!

Back in March of this year, as I was visiting Europe, I started having severe pain in my stomach that made me rush to the hospital. After two hours in the emergency, I was rushed to the operating room for an operation that cost me 9 cm of my small bowel. Thank GOD it wasn’t 9 cm of something else 😉 After a series of tests, I was diagnosed with aggressive Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer.

Although, the term “aggressive” sounds scary, I am so glad it was the aggressive type as opposed to the non-aggressive one. The aggressive type is treatable and curable. The non-aggressive is not 100% curable, but might be treatable. The friend I mentioned earlier, he had non-aggressive. The aggressive hits you so quickly, that it gives you and your doctors enough time to find out about it and treat it. The non-aggressive type grows in you very slowly and peacefully. By the time you find out about it, it might be too late and the cancer has spread all over. The nasty thing about the aggressive type, is that once it hits you, it hits you hard and it is VERY painful. The night I ended up in  the ER, I was literally half dead and was almost convinced it was my time to go.

Like other cancer patients, I took the news pretty hard; hard enough that I burst into tears. And I rarely cry. I am such a healthy person. How the hell could I possibly get this? Why me?  Why? Why? Why? Things got even worse when the doctor told me that the chance of chemo working was 50/50! The fog of fears, particularly the fear of death was accumulating in my head. .

I wasn’t sure if it was the poor diet here in the West (non-organic foods, frozen foods, sodas, booze, etc.) stress, or something in my past experience you are about to read about had something to do with my cancer or a combination of both.

Stay Positive: The Greatest Power We’ve Been Given, Is The Power Of Will

You have the inner strength to keep going strong each day as you fight your battles. Think of an inspiring motto or something that you really enjoy that resonates with you for daily strength. Continue to be proactive about your mind and health.

As for me, as I was still trying to cope with the news, I started to remember that this wasn’t the first time that I was in deep shit! I figured that if I survived the following, I should certainly be able to survive cancer:

–          The Bloody Iranian Revolution in 1979:

With my buds during the 1979 Iranian revolution

–          The bloodiest and most chemical used war of 20th century, Iran/Iraq War in 1984, that was started by Saddam Hussein with full support from the Reagan Administration, Russia, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and the entire Arab world. So, we were literally alone in this War

Inglorious Persian bastards including me, the 2nd tallest bastard in the photos during the Iran/Iraq War 1984

–          Web 1.0 crash in 2001

–          Countless breakups From 1990-2010

Don’t ask for supporting documents, photos, and videos for this one. Because you ain’t ganna get them. Just take my words for it. One thing I can share with you, they were all stunning and smok’in hot from various countries, each hotter than the previous one.

Angelina, Aishwarya, Monica, Penelope, Just to let you know, there is nothing wrong with me. In fact, they all wanted to marry me after six month. As I am sure you would agree nobody gets married after six months of dating these days. The only one for which I take the 101% blame, was my last one from mother Russia 😦 Also, to let you know, this stupid rule of mine does NOT apply to any of you. If you ask me out, I’ll bring the ring on our first date 🙂 I’ll even FedEx it to you before we meet up 🙂


Besides, I’ve awesomized only 15,000 people, I still have 6,999,985,000 more to awesomize with my new gig,! Not to mention, I have two little boys to raise. No F_cking way I would let cancer to bring me down!

Connected The Dots And Adopted The New Diet

This is not my PET Scan btw. I found it on the Internet as an example

Once I was told  how a PET Scan (Positron Emission Tomography) works,  I learned the freaking connection between sugar and cancer. I also learned that doctors do not have the ability to connect the dots. They are either scared to connect them to avoid getting sued or they just can’t. At least those that I dealt with were not able to. Therefore, as I let the chemo does  its job, I decided to do my own homework too.

With my Shirazi Yoga Angel

With my Portuguese nurse

First things first: wearing my engineering hat, I identified the items that feed my enemy and I decided to cut off their food supply. It took me less than half a day to identify those items – red meat, sugar, and milk. Cancer cells love them and they live off of them – especially they love sugar. and red meat.

A meat-based diet is acidic and it is best to eat fish, and a little chicken rather than beef or pork. Meat also contains livestock antibiotics, growth hormones and parasites, all of which are harmful, especially to people with cancer.  Meat protein is difficult to digest and requires a lot of digestive enzymes. Undigested meat remaining in the intestines becomes putrefied (where did you get this word from – I know that you do not know it!!!) and leads to more toxic buildup. Cancer cell walls have a tough protein covering. By refraining from or eating less meat it frees more enzymes to attack the protein walls of cancer cells and allows the body’s killer cells to destroy the cancer cells. So, I immediately cut those out. As for sugar, I mean the processed and refined sugar (i.e. desert, candies, sweets, etc.). Natural sugar from fruits or even organic honey is ok. Note that your healthy cells needs sugar to grow. You just need to cut out the garbage sugar.

All the ingredients that you get from red meat, you can get them from spinach, lentils, and chickpeas.

While keeping the cancer cells hungry, I decided to identify their enemy. After two days of research, I found out about the power of Antioxidant and Oxygen. Cancer cells cannot thrive in an Antioxidants and Oxygen rich environment. The more Antioxidants and Oxygen in your blood cells, the faster the cancer cells die.

Thirty minutes of daily yoga or meditation on an empty stomach is good enough to enter oxygen into your red blood cells.  Exercising daily and deep breathing help to get more oxygen down to the cellular level. Oxygen therapy is another means employed to destroy cancer cells.

As for Antioxidants, they are everywhere and you can get them cheap. Here are the fruits full of Antioxidant – kiwi, beets, Papaya, all kinds of berries – particularly, Blueberries. It is also important HOW you have them. Generally, it’s highly advised to have your fruits on an empty stomach. Give it at least an hour before or after you have your food. This way, your system can fully extract the right ingredients from the fruits and deliver them to the destination in your body.

Also avoid coffee, tea, and chocolate, which have high caffeine. Green tea is a better alternative and has cancer fighting properties. It is best to drink purified water, or filtered water, to avoid known toxins and the heavy metals that you generally find in tap water. Distilled water however is acidic, so definitely avoid it.

I was reborn as a Persian American Cat

After going through 4 cycles of nasty chemos, my CT scan showed no more signs of cancer and my doctor gave me the good news. All the cancer cells were DEAD for good and I was reborn on Aug 12th 2011.

Given my birth sign is Leo (July 23rd), my 2nd birth date is also Leo, survived multiple times,  being Persian and American, so I guess I am now a Persian American Cat 🙂 MEEEEEEHAW!

From what the doctor told me about my speedy recovery, I think one of the things  that certainly contributed, was the care and advice from my yoga lady on changing the diet, dropping the unnecessary anger, and of course doing 20-30  minutes of yoga or meditation on a daily basis on an  empty stomach.

Conclusion: Prevention, Prevention, Prevention, Better Than Cure

Regardless of your age, arrange a CT scan to make sure no low grade cancer is growing in you. Remember, once the first symptom of low grade hits you, it might have already spread to a lot of places in your body. So, do not wait for that. Make sure to read about the aggressive (high grade) and non aggressive (low grade) Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Cancer.

Again, I really don’t know how I got the cancer. Was it my possible exposure to  chemical materials during the Iran Iraq war? The shitty diet in the West? Stressful life? or combination of all? I really don’t know.  I am just glad it’s gone and I learned how to have a good life going forward.

I am not suggesting ditch the doc if you are diagnosed with cancer. You should take their advice very seriously. Don’t be like Steve Jobs who ignored his doctor’s advice back in 2003 when he was diagnosed with pancreas cancer. No doubt he was a great business man, but it looks like he wasn’t that great when it came to his health and left his wife and four kids so early.  All I am saying is to do your homework, follow my tips along side what your doctor tells you. Do not just rely on the docs.

Considering everything we eat and drink today is either hormoned or pesticide, the probability we end up having cancer is much higher in the days of our parents. I hate to say it, but it is probably growing in many of you already and you don’t even know about it.  I am just trying to get you to face the reality of life today. So, before it’s too late, GO ORGANIC all the way!

As I pointed out earlier. cancer cells love sugar. Given the large amount of sugar in all the booze and all types of sodas, you’ve got to stop drinking them starting yesterday. Otherwise, your drinking will significantly jack up the risk of getting some kind of cancer sooner or later. Again, don’t be STUPID by fooling yourself that your parents drank a lot and nothing happened to them. We don’t have the luxury of drinking like they used to. They grew up in a more natural environment. We are not. Regretfully, it will even get worse for the next generation.

If you notice the cancer awareness campaigns, they talk about the increase in number of people with cancer, but NEVER EVER dare to explain why. They know the beef, tobacco, and booze industry are such powerful and lucrative industries. So, they can’t afford to fight them. I would not be surprised to find out that the pharmaceutical, alcohol, soda, and tobacco industries have teamed up behind the curtain to purposely create such a lucrative market at the cost of our lives.

That said, No more non-organic foods, No more red meat, No more drinking nor anything with processed or refined sugar.

Good News for you boys and girls

Ever since, I dropped the booze, all processed/refined sugar and have started consuming a lot of veggies, salads, and fruits, my face and skin have also started looking more fresh and younger. So, my advice not only might save your life, but also slash the cost of your make up by 50%.

Since adopting my new diet and life style, I feel much stronger, happier, tireless, and from a 38 waist I am now 34.

The new pretty me in Rock Creek Park in awesome Washington, DC!

Don’t believe me, here is the new pretty me minus the hair. My doc told me it will grow back by the end of November 🙂 Just look at me! I am very pretty now! All my friends, who hadn’t seen me for six months in DC tell me my face is glowing and looks even younger than my 20’s – I guess thanks to the new diet I have adopted 🙂

On a serious level, frankly, I am not  sure whether it is my new lifestyle  and diet that cured me or the chemotherapy, or both. One thing is for sure I learned how to live… how to eat… what to eat and what not to eat… how to let it go… how to stay healthy… how to love… even loving those competing with my business…I now have a much better appreciation for life and every little thing around me.

So, thank you cancer! I got it!  I’ll do my best to convey the message to others.

PS: Don’t bother wasting your time trying to confirm this with any medical doctor. You only get a sarcastic smile from them. Think about it… chemotherapy and pharmaceutical industries are such a lucrative business for both doctors and the insurance companies.  Why would they want to risk their profits by educating us on how to prevent and fight cancer the natural way?  Why would an auto mechanic tells you what breaks your car and how to fix it?  Your body is like a car. You give it a good fuel, it lasts you longer. Otherwise,  it ends in the mechanic shop for repair once a month.

I encourage you to discuss my blog with a nutritionist though. They are worth every penny you spend down on them.

A special thanks to a dear friend, Gabriela who ran for me in the streets of Europe, my Shirazi Yoga lady who showed me how to live, how to love, and how to chillax, my awesome bro for all of his jokes that kept me laughing, and my baby sis who put up with all my shit during this battle!

With my baby sis

One Last Important Note: As I said, the greatest power we’ve been given, is THE POWER OF WILL. Every movement we make in our daily lives, the WILL is used. From picking up a glass of water to every major decision in our daily lives. When you know something is harmful to your well being, then you must use that power of WILL to avoid it.

Important pages on Antioxidants and yoga from the 950 page book I read titled “Alternative Medicine to Cancer”. Click on each page for enlargement:

Feel free to connect with me via

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About Elias Shams
I have been a serial entrepreneur in telecom and social media space for past 12 years or so. I hold a M.S. degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the George Washington University and a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland. I’ve lived and worked in many countries and cities including London England, Tehran Iran, Bonn Germany, Paris France, Alicante Spain, Delhi India, and my favorite of all Washington, DC of great US of A. Two of the greatest Washington, DC based companies I worked for and very proud of are Yurie Systems which was sold to Lucent in 1998 for $1.23 B and that I founded in 1999. I am currently the founder and awesomizer @

27 Responses to Cancer: One Of The Best Thing Ever Happened To Me

  1. Kandace Horlings says:

    Thank you for sharing this, it it a wake up call to all of us to make better choices regarding our health.

  2. Sven Carlson says:

    Thanks for sharing. Really good advice. I am glad you are feeling better! -Sven

  3. unixrocks says:

    very well Written boss.. It really was an eye opener.. I have been addicted to this junk food so much lately that I don’t think I would ever eat burger again after reading all this.. Thanks… Really very informative..

  4. I’m glad you are back on the saddle Elias.

    I’ve been a vegetarian since 2000 and thought was taking a good care of myself. Then last year I had a CT scan that showed some benign cysts in my liver. That became the basis for one insurance company denying me when I was shopping for health insurance this year. You never know what gets you in this life.

    But it never hurts not to live like an idiot, and for sure stress is way up on that list. Sometimes the most important things we need to do are so simple we totally ignore them. Breathing exercises goes the top of this list. The next item on my list is daily gratitude and being happy for no reason. Be good my friend.

    • Elias Shams says:

      Michael, Thanks to President Obama, there is now a new insurance plan called PCI Plan offered by GEHA Insurance company covering pre-exisintg cases like yours. Look them up. They are awesome!

  5. Mydina says:


    Great you are sharing your story with others and God bless that you are well again. Being the Registered Dietitian/Licensed Nutritionist that I am, I thank you for encouraging others to seek advice from trained professionals. Please keep educating others and help them see the light.

  6. You story is inspirational Elias! And your advice is a true gift. Keep going strong! Tien

  7. Caleb Parker says:

    Thank you Elias. I’m sharing with several people!

  8. deannie says:

    So much positive energy flows from this post. I am glad you chose life as well! Congratulations, looking forward to many more posts.

  9. Caroline Alexander says:

    Thank you for sharing your health success journey! I have been in the service of others for their improved health for the past 16 years and you are on the right health path! Cancer indeed was a teacher in your life and the gift is that you are sharing your story of recovery. Taking responsibility for our health is truly made each time we bend our elbow to our mouth. My personal philosophy is if man made it, don’t eat it. We have thousands of additives approved for our ingestion that our bodies were not intended to recognize. I believe these “aliens” to our bodies weaken our immune condition and allow disease to rob us of our vibrant health and quality of life. I would add one ingredient to your message; Probiotic foods and beverages. Probiotics are nature’s internal cleansers, healers and build immunity. I salute you for taking back your health! Live awesomely!

  10. Elias, thank you for sharing. I had no idea you were going through any of these things and I’m very glad that you made it – and you made the connection between what you eat and what the outcome is when you’re ingesting processed and refined foods. I wish you the very best!!

    God bless you, my friend!

  11. Great Article Elias jan! THis will help a lot of people… call me if you want to play tennis!

  12. dnoll1 says:

    Elias…what an inspirational story! Thanks for sharing. I will use much of your advice in my daily life. Good for you for keeping the faith, and allowing your WILL to beat cancer!

    God Speed!

    -Doug Noll

  13. Arjun Yadav says:

    WOW.. ! We finally know what made the man behind All in all, you’ve shown that you’re a real fighter and that nothing can hold you back if you want to succeed.
    Truly Inspiring !!

  14. says:

    Thanks for sharing. Take care of you.

  15. Scott Frederick says:

    I had no idea you were battling cancer. But I am so glad to hear how well you’ve met the challenge. Thanks for sharing and continue to take care of yourself!

  16. Behzad says:

    Thanks god for saving you as my friend, i never forget the times that we had together.

  17. Salam says:

    liked it, you right, prevent then cure, also try ilhwa ginseng, good pure clansing, I am using for past 2 years, great staff

  18. Sean Tamami says:

    Love, love, love the story. So many facts, hard to digest, and hard-to-follow advice.
    I’m definitely touched and eventhough I may not follow all the advice, I’ll do my best to follow most. And, I will pass this on to everyone. This is an experience to share!

  19. Christina says:

    Elias hi,
    I am a mother of son 31 years old amazing young man that is battling this disease right now.
    He has one more chemo to go
    Your story make me have hope. I will like to know the diet that you are following
    I tried with the nutritionists in the hospital but they gave some general suggestions.
    I am around your part of world (born)

    • Elias Shams says:

      Christina, Sorry to hear about ur son. Not to worry though. I was really scared too.But, we can overcome anything we want to. Keep reminding ur son “The greatest power we have been given, is the power of WILL!” As for the diet thing, print out the power point slide in my 2nd blog post here:

      One year after cancer ambushed me…Come with me if you want to live!

      It’s been working on me. I hope it works on him too. Just FYI, about 10 months ago, I was diagnosed with the same Lymphoma cancer in my Liver and brain. After 5 month of Chemo and following the same diet, I am all cured again 🙂 Not sure it was the Chemo or the diet or both that saved me three times.

      Please note that:

      a) I am no doctor, nor a scientist. I am just an engineer and father for two little boys.I needed to survive! I just did not want to depends on the doctors and chemical crap. Everything u see in the slide is the summary of one year research and reading various sources from India to the EU, and to the US.

      b) I am not claiming this self learned diet cures cancer, but for sure prevent u from getting one, and have healthier life

      If u need to contact me, PLEASE, feel free to do so via “send a msg” link on the left hand side of my page here:

  20. Christina says:

    Thank you for yr reply and input

  21. Des says:

    My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer over 40 years ago, she had only 2 maybe 3 more weeks to live the doctors said. Now, this amazing woman is still alive at the age of 92! She says too: “the doctors told me I was going to die within 3 weeks and my sons (incl. my dad) balled their eyes out… I told them not to be so silly and stop crying, I wasn’t ready to day, no way!” It was indeed her WILL power that saved her. She has always been healthy but stopped eating meat after her chemo. She has done yoga up until she really couldn’t do it anymore (I think 70 years maybe even more..) It makes me so miserable to think that pharmaceutical companies are not willing to actually save people but just fill their pockets instead. You are what you eat. I think laughter, too, is probably one of the best cures!

  22. Michael Lincoln says:

    Elias, thanks for sharing this. Very thoughtful and very helpful. I guess two things that deserve some further thought are caffeine and alcohol

    Regarding coffee, all that I have read would suggest that coffee is
    pretty neutral — not particularly healthy but also not at all harmful.

    As for alcohol, I generally agree with your sentiments althought I had thought that the studies were pretty conclusive that red wine (and resveratrol) is actually a cancer fighting agent

    Thanks, again, and glad that you are well.

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